Bridging The Gap Between The Marketing And Startup Worlds – MFF004

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Our Startup Marketing Panel Sheds Some Light…

This week on Marketing For Founders we’re mixing it up a bit with a killer panel to give us some of their valuable insight, experience and knowledge in to the startup marketing scene.

Joining our hosts Tim and Jack is Patrick McKenzie of Kalzumeus Software, and Rob Walling, a serial web entrepreneur with over ten years of experience as a self-funded startup founder. Both highly technical, but brilliant marketing minds in their own right, Rob and Patrick are sure to leave you with a ton of great ideas to get your marketing moving.

With solid marketing being such a critical factor to the success of our startups, it is so important for us to get it right from the ground up and to implement proper long term strategy. By wrapping our heads around the relationship between the technical and marketing sides of our businesses, we can all start to make more money with far less pain.

Tying It All Together…

  • Building a strategy before it’s too late.
  • Taking your marketing back to basics.
  • Effective e-mail marketing to expand your reach.
  • Onboarding and creating an automated experience

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