Finding The Perfect Market Fit For Your Product - MFF012

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Fitting A Square Peg In A Round Hole…

So, you’ve built up a complete product or service and you’re absolutely sure the customers are going to come straight at you with all their money. You know your product is going to provide a huge amount of value for others and people would be crazy not to feel the same, right?

Well if you haven’t done all your homework and properly tested your future market, it’s easy to be left with a product which won’t reach anywhere near your expectations.

This week on Marketing For Founders, we’re talking about nailing down our audience to the point where the market begins to pull the product out of us – even if it doesn’t exist yet. It’s all about really engaging and talking with our customers so we can adapt and mould our idea in to something we know is going to succeed.

Listen in as Tim and Jack explain why the focus has to be shifted to your potential market before building the product itself, how to effectively test a market, why companies take off and a whole lot more.

It’s Time To Get Validated…

  • Why some companies get picked up while others fade away.
  • Jack’s experiences with Goodsie’s white label program.
  • Consequence free market testing.
  • Adapting a poroduct to find a better fit.
  • Why you actually have to talk to your customers.
  • Pivoting – what it means and when you should do it.

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