How To Skyrocket Growth And Profitability Through Your Existing Customers – MFF010

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A Follow Up On Our Education Based Marketing Topic…

So, you’ve put in the hard yards and landed a ton of new clients. For many founders the automatic response is to keep pushing for an increase in customers, bigger is better right? This is a common mistake and can lead us to seriously neglect some huge potential growth.

This week we’re following up on our education based marketing episode, but narrowing in on how we can use education to maximise our profits from the customers we already have.

By elaborating on Jay Abraham’s three ways to grow a business, Tim and Jack are going to show you how it can be cheaper to sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new one, and explain how to apply these principles to your business.

Forget About The Hunt, It’s Time To Farm…

  • Increasing transaction size and purchasing frequency through education.
  • Discounts, bundles and packages.
  • The psychology of the pricing table.
  • Pitfalls of have a service with multiple features.
  • Teaching your customers what it is you do and how they can benefit.

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