How To Streamline Your Online Sales Funnel With Effective Marketing Automation – MFF011

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Our Expert Marketing Automation Panel Fills Us In…

Manually tending to the many facets of online sales marketing can become a real time drain when working on smaller projects, let alone larger scale ones. What we want to do is take all those repetitive tasks and put them on autopilot. This way we can use our time more effectively to re-engage with our audience and look at the bigger picture of our sales marketing.

Joining us this week on Marketing For Founders are two great buddies of Tim and Jack and both real authorities on the subject of marketing automation, Jake Hower of and Damien Thompson of Both of these guys have a ton of experience in setting up marketing automation for their own businesses and for others, and are here to share their nuggets of automation gold.

This week you’ll learn how to get systematic, avoid redundant work and accelerate an established sales funnel as well as the what, why and how of processes you can automate.

Sit In On The Automation Roundtable…

  • The key advantages of marketing automation.
  • Manual processes with limited resources and how they hurt you.
  • What exactly should be automated?
  • When should a startup get automating?
  • Building a clearer picture of our customers behaviour.

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