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Turning Waste Into Fortunes

In this episode we explore ways to increase profitability by selling your waste, literally. Tim and Jack discuss the importance of understanding and locating potential wastes which your business can profit from.

Jack is working on an interview training service for university students where they do a phone interview and get feedback on how to improve. Through building this service, he'll gain knowledge that is just sitting around only getting used by the people who use the service.

He can take this knowledge and package it into an interview course that students (or better yet, universities) can purchase. It could take the form of a live workshop, or a live virtual workshop, or simply online videos and exercises for them to watch and implement.

Or perhaps, you might find profitability from another business' waste. Sometimes one man’s trash in another man’s treasure. Tim saw an episode of Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe where a hog farmer near Las Vegas take the waste of casino restaurants to feed his stock with high-quality food while lowering his costs.

How do you identify a waste product of your business?

How do you profit from your own byproduct, or those of other businesses?

Take a listen to this week's episode to find out!

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