Losing Focus and Shiny Object Syndrome - MFF032

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In todays episode Tim and Jack discuss placing all your eggs in one basket, and how to recognize when you are losing focus. A successful startup will require as many resources as you can divulge. Time, money, or a mixture of the two. Many new businesses find themselves chasing after short-term traction, and losing focus on long-term sustainability of the company. Don't get captivated by “shiny objects.”

The most focus is found when you are excited about one project or idea. Mentally preparing throughout your day, and then progressing every time you work on it. When you have multiple projects, some ideas will get neglected, or they will never see the finish.

What are some ways to stay focused?

• Using extrinsic motivators: outside forces such as monetary, deadlines, or the need for a fancy car. They can drive us to focus, but can sometimes be stressful.

• Using intrinsic motivators: internal forces set by yourself. They include facing challenges, being goal driven, or using your own vision for the future to motivate yourself.

• Focus on one project at a time. Work with it all the way to failure, or success.

• Chaos in business is bad, don’t make things harder than they should be. Systemize all the processes that encompass your business and chaos gets reduced.

Listen to the show at http://MarketingForFounders.com/focus

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