MFF025 - Turn Podcasting Into A Marketing Machine

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The are many key components to creating a successful podcast. From the technicalities of recording the audio to the format of the show. Asking the right questions before you sit down to create your podcast, is the first step. Determining the information and content of your show, will ultimately determine how well it sells your products or services.

When beginning your show you will need the following:

A uni-directional USB Microphone.

An acoustically quiet environment.

A computer to record your audio.

Components to determine before recording:

What is the length and format of content that your market prefers?

What are your call to actions?

What will be your show format? Cold Start, Music intro, Humor?

Is there any time sensitive material in the script?

When podcasting it is important to note that anytime you use time sensitive material, it is important to maintain and manage your library of podcasts. In many cases you will need to remove those shows to ensure your audience is not listening to out of date content. Finally, podcasting will build authority among your peers and audience, so start and end your shows with calls to action, and drive listeners to your website.

Listen to the show at Marketing For Founders:

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