MFF026 - Sales Funnels: Find 'em , Fix 'em, And Fill 'em

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A sales funnel is the mechanisms you create or don’t create that guide people to your buy button. What techniques, materials, information, media, and marketing are being used to convert a potential customer into a buyer? Are you using explainer videos, info graphics, email marketing, image marketing, free books, or other free materials? What are the most important pieces to a successful sales funnel?

The first steps to a good sales funnel:

1) Craft your position. Sift sort and screen the potential customers by taking a stand in your market. Wether you are the BWM or the Rolls Royce of your niche.

2) Find out what sources are your most reliable from your marketing mechanisms.

3) Track and measure your sales funnel, and determine where potential customers are leaking out.

4) Reach out to your buyers and continue to sell them new products.

5) Finally determine where to direct your funnel. Decide what potential customers are the highest converters.

Test, test, and test again and you will find a growth pattern in your conversions. Follow the data and track everything possible.

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