MFF027 - Understanding The Entrepreneurial Mind

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The mind of an entrepreneur is a powerful thing. Often times our brain gets far ahead of us, trying to organize and attack many ideas at once. Are you asking yourself the most important question of your business?

What are the 20% of the things you do for your business that make the largest impact in growth?

This question is one that haunts many business startups, and even businesses that have been running successfully for years. It is important to track and analyze the marketing tactics, email makeups, and information you are spreading to your potential customers. What works and what doesn’t?

Above all, hard work, consistency, and testing will ultimately lead you to growth. The idea that “doing” as many things as possible will bring you success is highly unlikely. Almost all businesses are started and built on market research, and determining what on your list of “things to do” is most successful and powerful to your growth.

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