MFF028 - Are Online To Offline Businesses Doomed To Fail?

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A Postmortem Of A Startup Postmortem

In todays episode we examine the final “nail in the coffin” of bad business marketing, margins, mistakes, and quality control, as we dive deep into online and offline business strategies.

Are you making enough money to hire contractors or employees? Which should you choose and why?

We break down the necessity of training employees to carry your brand and franchise in order to capture and grow long-term customers.

What are activation business models? And how can they help you grow your customer base?

Tim and Jack discuss the relevant and key pieces needed for maintaining viral businesses when and if you hit a lottery. How can you be prepared for the unthinkable? Will you ultimately make money or lose out on a one time home-run, without catching any of the cash? Listen now to find out the biggest killers of both online and offline business strategies.

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