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You Can’t Go Past The Classics…

We all love to focus on our branding and advertising being as pretty as possible. But sometimes as founders we have to step back, forget all the shiny marketing tricks, and start focusing on what’s important for our business.

How are we going to get someone to buy our product right now?

This week on Marketing For Founders, we cover seven of the ten rules from the hugely influential direct marketing guru Dan Kennedy’s book, ‘No B.S. Direct Marketing’. This book is a real direct marketing master plan and is referenced time and time again for all the right reasons.

Join Tim and Jack as they dive right in to some of Dan Kennedy’s best material on the subject of direct response marketing, and show how you can effectively apply these strategies to your business.

Dan Kennedy’s Direct Marketing Rules…

  1. There Will Always Be An Offer.
  2. There Will Be A Reason To Respond Right Now.
  3. There Will Be Clear Instructions.
  4. There Will Be Tracking And Measurement.
  5. There Will Be Follow-Up.
  6. There Will Be Strong Copy.
  7. Results Rule. Period.

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