Six E-mail Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Profits, Part One – MFF005

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Time To Get Smart About E-mail…

While we’d all agree that social media can’t be beat for communication, branding and image, e-mail is still king when it comes to actually making money. By applying some key fundamentals to how we approach e-mail marketing, we can start generating more leads, increasing our conversions and then cash it all in.

This week on Marketing For Founders we’re kicking off a two part series all about getting the most from your e-mail marketing. Drawing from their own experiences and understanding of the e-mail game, Tim and Jack are going to break it down in to six concepts to give us a clear picture of an effective and profitable e-mail marketing strategy.

In part one you’ll be learning how to engage your audience via e-mail, the power and effect of education and some killer lead generation tips. Make sure to tune in next week as we round it all off in part two.

Engagement, Education & Lead Generation…

  • What are the core components of e-mail marketing?
  • Underestimating the power of e-mail.
  • Engagement and interaction.
  • Educating others and how it benefits you.
  • How to generate leads without looking spammy.

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