Six E-mail Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Profits, Part Two – MFF006

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People Don’t Like Being Sold, But They Love To Buy…

OK so we’ve generated our leads, set up customer engagement and begun the education process, so when’s it time to actually make some money?

Building on our initial e-mail marketing strategies, this week Tim and Jack get to the business end of it all and run us through the final three critical elements for any solid e-mail marketing plan. We all want people to give us money, so how are we going to get e-mail to do it?

This week you’ll learn how to structure and target your sales e-mails, the importance of onboarding, how to retain your customers and a whole lot more. Then it’s time to let it all soak in as next week will be a more hands-on episode all about effective copywriting tips which can be applied to your e-mail marketing strategy.

Sales, Onboarding & Retention…

  • Converting from sales e-mail to sales page.
  • Preserving your reputation by not overdoing it.
  • Why alienation can be beneficial.
  • How to form your ‘tribe’.
  • Giving your customers a voice.

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