Surviving Product Launch Mistakes - MFF031

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In this episode Tim and Jack discuss a few classic mistakes in their careers launching products and online companies. Every market receives information in a unique way. Understanding how to communicate with your customers is the first step to surviving a launch. Tim tells us about his huge mistake of using an email marketing campaign on a customer base that hardly ever checks their email.

Once your product is live don’t forget about it. Collect feedback from your users and customers on how to improve features. If that doesn’t work, kill a section or product to allow time to explore new strategies. Remember, sometimes as an entrepreneur, you have to choose between really, really, really bad, and really bad…

Some Do’s:

• Set internal deadlines to ensure your product is ready to go, well before any real deadlines.

• Research your market, and learn the best way to communicate with them.

• Be prepared to refine or delete sections of your company/product.

• You’ll never get it perfect. Launch it, and let your users find the remaining bugs.

Some Don’ts:

• Never blindly follow a marketing formula expecting it to work for every industry.

• Don’t tell the press until you’re ready.

• Failure to continue marketing after you launch. You can’t quit and expect to keep making money

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