The Forgotten Art Of Direct Mail Marketing For Startups - MFF003

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Marketing To The Mailbox… Really?

It’s all too easy for us as online entrepreneurs to disregard or not even consider implementing a direct mail strategy in to our marketing campaigns. Surely physical, offline marketing can’t possibly have a significant impact on what we’re doing online?

While our inboxes are becoming increasingly crowded with easily avoidable content, the humble mailbox may not be getting the attention it deserves. By not utilising targeted direct mail, your business is missing out on a proven method of attracting new clients in a tangible, memorable and exciting way. What better way to reach out to your audience than by having your message literally in their hands?

This week on Marketing For Founders, Tim and Jack walk us through some direct mail strategies and how your small business can benefit from them. With so little material online on direct mail for startups, this week’s episode is full of marketing gold to give your business a leg-up.

It’s Time To Go Platform Agnostic…

How to turn your package in to an experience.

Using your physical product to carry your message.

Combining online and offline marketing.

Captivating your target market.

The importance of testing new platforms.

The importance of testing new platforms.

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