The Founder’s Guide To Loss Leaders And Self-Liquidating Offers – MFF018

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Setting Up An Early Loss For A Long Term Gain…

I bet there aren’t many founders out there who are happy to see the word ‘loss’ anywhere, but stick with us here.

This week we’re dealing with two marketing concepts which we see most often in the retail world, but can have enormous potential when re-applied to our online businesses and startups.

Although they have different applications, risk factors and initial costs, both loss leaders and self-liquidating offers are all about maximizing customers getting in to your sales funnel. What we want to do is learn the fundamentals of these strategies, get creative with them and generate some serious leads for your business.

So listen in as Tim and Jack break down the key concepts, study some killer case studies and talk on their own personal experiences. We hope by the end you’ll be a bit more comfortable with the ‘L’ word.

Building Trust And Credibility…

- How to manage the risk factor of an early loss.

- Why loss leaders shouldn’t just be applied to retail.

- Reducing the cost of the barrier to entry.

- The concierge loss leader method.

- Why self-liquidating offers are less risky.

- Diversifying your marketing channels.

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