The Long Slow SaaS Ramp Of Death - MFF023

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Most startups enter the world of SaaS (Software as a Service) thinking everything is going to be rainbows and gold coins falling from the sky; where you upload your final code and watch the money pour passively into your Cayman Island bank account every single month without lifting a finger.

Turns out this is NOT the case (Tim and I can both say from personal experiences). Running a SaaS product is extremely difficult, but sometimes the majority of that difficulty is self-inflicted. Common wisdom says that it should be a long, slow, painful, ardous process, but we disagree.

Tim and I will discuss a couple reasons why we believe most startups end up in the Long Slog SaaS Ramp of Death:

  • Not understanding the market
  • Not solving a paindful enough problem in that market
  • Only using one marketing channel to reach that market
  • Being passive rather than active in your marketing and sales
  • Having a crappy pitch, and blaming it on your feature set
  • Failing fast in a binary way

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