What Kind Of Minimum Viable Product Are You Building? - MFF030

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How to properly execute an MVP…In todays episode we explore some common mistakes made by new businesses on a path to success. Startups often fall into the trap of trying to “do it all.” In these moments of frustration, when the wheels feel like they’re spinning in place, we must ask ourselves the following questions. Do I want to be a business owner? Or do I want to be a designer, or developer?Today Tim and Jack discuss the power of your MVP. Are you creating a concierge MVP, a Frankenstein MVP, or a Wizard of Oz? Understanding the key differences between each type of minimum viable product will give you the knowledge for selecting the right one for your business.Which MVP should your business focus on?• Using existing online and offline tools to find and land sales, such as Mail Chimp.• Hand testing and delivering products to your customers, such as an ice cream subscription.• Hiring a designer and/or developer to create a software that does the work for you. In which you can also outsource help to manage the manual aspects of the software, ie. customer service, returns, etc.

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