Mark Gober: An End to Upside Down Liberty

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Mark Gober is the author of the new book An End to Upside Down Liberty.

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Mark Gober is an international speaker and the author of An End to Upside Down Thinking, which was awarded the IPPY best science book of 2019.

He is also the author of An End to Upside Down Living and An End to Upside Down Liberty; and is the host of the podcast Where Is My Mind?

He currently sits on the Board of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the School of Wholeness and Enlightenment. He graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University.

Mark’s Journey from Princeton, investment banking, and new technologies Mark’s old world paradigm What is the overall intention of your life? The institute of Noetic Sciences Going deep on the idea of a “material universe” Irwin Schrodengner The implications of near death experiences Veritacle out of body experiences The brain holding back consciousness The life review as experiences by others Dannion Brinkley’s experienced Beyond Morality into Natural Law The notion of Karma Why consciousness is limited Drop in an ocean: Alan Watts From Mind to Matter: Dawson Church The absolute perspective vs the relative perspective Appreciating the paradox’s in the universe Karma and Intent We are a part of the cosmic puzzle Stateism vs Voluntarism Defining what government actual is The Stanford prison experiment Milgrams study and the obedience to authority The importance of understanding psychopaths The principle of nonaggression Michael Tellinger and the Ubuntu Movement The State becoming a vehicle for corporations The Path to True Liberty

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