Cal Washington: The Liberation of Mankind in the Great Spiritual War

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Cal Washington is the creator of the In Power Movement and is on a mission to liberate humanity through understanding law, commerce, and spiritual jurisdiction to assist in the awakening and liberation of mankind.

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Understanding the illusion of authority Notice of Liability “Knowledge will set you free” Why we all we require a leap of faith Knowing the higher truth You can’t change the world but you can change your situation The chess analogy The book of revelation 5G Accountability, Research, and critical thinking They changed the alphabet in the bible from the 1611 king James bible The bible is the contract and the rules of engagement Why the bible is in every court room The book of Job The book of Enoch Archons Travelling without spaceships Why they are trying to get out Mystical experiences Why The Lord’s Prayer is powerful Cal’s interdimensional court experience DMT Knowing and understanding your cognitive bias Exploring the negative effects of 5G The internet of bodies IEEE Montauk

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