Eddie Stone: Heavy Metal Detox, Healthy Living & Sustainable Business

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Eddie Stone is the founder and CEO of Touchstone Essentials.

Touchstone Essentials is the result of a life-long journey to educate himself on science, proper nutrition, healthy lifestyles and to find out why now more than ever, people are tired, run down and sick.

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He discovered a food system that was broken, and a nutrition supplement industry that delivers little of the benefit of real food. Since then his purpose has been to help people live healthier lives.

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Eddie’s mother’s amazing recovery story Why Toxicity leads to illness 80’s marketing for healthcare is the same Why many supplements are not as good for you The organic trade association The book Food Origins and Omnivores dilemma Considering the whole supply chain Entrepreneurship advice Understanding Failure as a part of learning Risking it all Understanding food decisions The danger of buying food based on convenience You conscious cannot hear your subconscious What choices Mantra – Body, Happiness, Resilient, Optimistic, Faith Based and bringing it into physical reality through vocalizing. Thinking of life 3, 5, and 10 years from now Understanding the combination of food 80-100K heavy metals all around us The power of Zeolite The fasting system The power of CBD Blue zones Finding a vision that is bigger than your self The effects of heavy metals both short and long term Finding spring water The benefits of organic cinnamon

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