Mark Pytellek: How to Decline a Vaccination and Testing from An Employer, Law, Truth, Freedom and Solutions

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Mark is an expert in Law, Freedom, and Justice and the founder of which provides solutions to nearly ALL illegal actions the legal, public, and BAR association try and commit against the unsuspecting public. The only law is the CREATOR's law and the rest are acts and statutes that do not apply to the living man or woman.

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🌟 Subscribe 💫Podcast: Sars-Covid has not been isolated Using Freedom of information Act Why there are only foreign courts in Australia There are lot’s of actions going on in Austalia The truckies blockaid in Australia Why media aren’t reporting any resistance Using Notice of Liablity Using every tool you have The roundup of vaccination on mass of kids The 3 Areas of Law: 1. Rules of Common Law 2. Rules of Equity 3. Legislation The Judicature Act Apologies reset dishonour The only people who are bound by statute Claiming You are a State National You get to choose who your master is The firmament The Author Jonathan Gray The Ark of the Covenant Heavy Metal Detox Solutions if You’ve taken the Vax The work of Rudolph Steiner The book of revelations in the bible The purpose of the new testament of the bible The 24 Missing books on the bible Why we are scientifically created The ancient Map Why no one is allowed to visit the Antarctic Starting your own community The Georgia Guidestones Tartaria Crypto How to Protect your kids

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