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This episode of the Maximize Business Value Podcast features host Tom Bronson and guest Bill King, Principal at 4 Kings Capital. The two discuss ways to secure financing for businesses and describe what a good financing package looks like. Bill’s book No Bullshit Business Finance Guide is an excellent tool for business owners and his 5 C’s of credit serve as a guide to becoming bankable. Don’t wait too long to ask for financing - listen today to determine your next financing steps!

Bill King is a Commercial Loan Consultant/Broker and owner at 4 Kings Capital. Having spent 20 years in banking, he has helped small to mid-sized businesses find financing for their needs. This experience gives Bill a unique insight into the credit process. He is skilled in matching borrowers with the right financing sources.

Tom Bronson is the founder and President of Mastery Partners, a company that helps business owners maximize business value, design exit strategy, and transition their business on their terms. Mastery utilizes proven techniques and strategies that dramatically improve business value that was developed during Tom’s career 100 business transactions as either a business buyer or seller. As a business owner himself, he has been in your situation a hundred times, and he knows what it takes to craft the right strategy. Bronson is passionate about helping business owners and has the experience to do it. Want to chat more or think Tom can help you? Reach out at or check out his book, Maximize Business Value, Begin with The Exit in Mind (2020).

Mastery Partners, where our mission is to equip business owners to Maximize Business Value so they can transition their business on their terms. Our mission was born from the lessons we’ve learned from over 100 business transactions, which fuels our desire to share our experiences and wisdom so you can succeed.

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