MC Fireside Chats - June 15th, 2022

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In this episode of MC Fireside Chats, industry experts talked about the glamping industry, the challenges glamping owners are facing, and the future of glamping from the UK to North America.

Present in the discussion is Mike Harrison from CRR Lifestyle, Duncan Winship of Papoose Pond, Nick Purslow of Glampitect, a glamping design consultancy, and Kevin & Izaac Rains, the owners of Dappled Light Adventures, who offers glamping rentals located inside Daniel Boone National Forest.

Amid the increasing gas prices and inflation, Winship said he’s seen people park their trailers, go back to tent camping, and stay at accommodations like cabins and glamping sites.

While gas prices and other economic factors play a significant role in the way people take their trips this summer, Winship said summer is still looking great for the camping, glamping, RV, and outdoor industry.

“It’s still looking like it’s gonna be a great summer,” Winship said.

For father and son Izaac and Kevin, one of the challenges they faced as a start-up glamping facility owners was the operation–making sure sites were clean and secured.

They emphasized that the operation side of their business has been big, painful learnings for them.

Nick Purslow talked about the ever-booming glamping industry in the UK and how Glampitect is working its way to expand and bring its services to North America.

“We’re growing rapidly in the UK, [North America] is the next big step. It seems like the next natural step,” Purslow said.

Purslow talked about the importance of having a consultant for glamping site owners and how having someone to hold your hand is useful in knowing what to do and where to start in the glamping industry.

Harrison echoed the importance of working with experts in the glamping industry, looking at different resources, researches, and options, noting that what works with your infrastructure is the best fit combined with your market.

He also added that education and marketing are essential for the glamping industry.

“Education and providing information to guests is really important. Education is key.”

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