Chroncast #105: The Giants' Rebuild Is Still In Progress

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The 2012 World Series team reunion this past weekend got Bryan and Doug thinking: was this actually the best team of the Giants' early 10s dynasty? So many memories from start to finish and a series of redemptive stories throughout the postseason -- maybe it has been unfairly minimized as the dynasty's middle child.

Meanwhile, in the present day, Bryan brings to Doug's attention Melissa Lockard's interview with Grant Brisbee at The Athletic that gave him a modicum of hope for the farm system over the next couple of years. Maybe the Giants aren't quite as far behind as it looked like they were heading into the All-Star Break. Still far away -- but not 2026 or 2027 far. Maybe!

And then, Doug wrote about what the Giants need to do the rest of the way to have a shot at the postseason. Do your numbers match up with his? What about Bryan's shot in the dark prediction about the team's final record? 48 games to go! These next two weeks will be critical.

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