From Burton to Barton, part 18: WWI and 3R

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In this episode, hosts Julie Miller and François Roy talk about World War I and its impact on Trois-Rivières. The Armoury was built in 1905, but it became a kind of private club for the local Liberal party. François will reveal what Sam Hughes, the minister of munitions for the federal Conservative government, had to say about that. You'll also hear about what happened to local MP Blondin when he tried to cross the river by ferry during the heated and controvertial conscription debates. A few industries popped up to support the war effort, and then gave way to other industries in the 1920s, industries that would define Trois-Rivières for decades to come. This episode is dotted with music taken from the war years, to give you a feel of what people were thinking, feeling, and saying about the war.

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