From Burton to Barton, part 22: It's All His Fault...Or Is It?

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Julie Miller and François Roy are back with another episode. This time they take a look at the controversial figure of Maurice Duplessis. As François says, everything bad that happened before 1960 in Québec always seems to be Duplessis' fault, but it was more complicated than that- history always is more complicated. When Duplessis, from an old Yamachiche family, was first elected in the 1930s, the Liberals had been around without any competition to speak of for a long, long time, protecting Big Business and ignoring the countryside. Duplessis built a new party and won election. Without trying to whitewash history, François tries to give some nuance and context to discussions of the Duplessis years. He also takes a look at how Duplessis related to the English community. Music in this episode will take us back to those times, with old tracks from Ovila Légaré, Alys Robi, and Oscar Thiffaut.

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