From Fermentation to Excavation: The Science of Food

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There's a lot of science involved in our meals -- from how we make food to what we like to eat. Put on your lab coats because this week on Meat and Three, our team looks at the chemistry of cream cheese, how fermented foods can help your immune system, the science behind food preferences, and how archaeologists are discovering what people ate thousands of years ago.

Further Reading:

Check out Dr. Wastyk's full study of fermented foods and high fiber diets here.

The article which inspired Zoe Denckla’s archeology segment can be found here. To learn more about Matthew Collins and his research, check out his website. Also special thanks to Dr. Julie Dunne, who provided lots of scientific guidance for this segment. Her works can be found here.

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You can find out more about the book Rob Dunn co-authored here.

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