Saving Indigenous Seeds

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Delve into the wider worlds of seed preservation, Indigenous seed rights, and farmer-managed seed systems. Whether you’re a professional farmer, avid gardener or your relationship with seeds simply involves snacking on them - we’ll introduce you to chefs, activists, and plant scientists who are changing the ways seeds are saved and shared. We’ll pay a visit to urban farms, seed banks, and kitchens to shed light on the cultural, environmental, culinary significance of these small but mighty pods, that carry with them millennia of history as well as hope for the future.

Further Reading:

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Visit the Zambia Alliance for Agroecology’s website and the Seed and Knowledge Initiative’s page to read about their efforts to protect small farmers in southern Africa.

Learn more about chef Sean Sherman and the Sioux chef here, Dream of Wild Health here and the Seed Savers Exchange here. Support Owamni and donate to NATIFS here.

Check out the amazing variety of arid-adapted seeds at Native Seeds/SEARCH. Or adopt a crop!

Learn more about the work that Kirsten Kirby-Shoote does at I-Collective here.

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