OnlyFans: from Likes and Follows to Trafficking and Exploitation

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Ever heard of Only Fans? It’s an online platform where content creators get paid directly by their followers, a.k.a. fans, for the photos and videos they share. But the site is rife with porn and exploitation. And worse, it’s targeting young women in droves with promises of turning likes and follows into instafame and fortune.

In this episode, I speak with Meghan Donevan, research director at Talita, a Swedish organization offering exit programs to trafficked and prostituted women. Together, we discuss the inherent problems with platforms such as OnlyFans and their impact on both individuals and society. Plus, strategies parents can use to talk to their kids about sexual exploitation and how to safeguard them against traps like OnlyFans.

Media Savvy Moms is a podcast by ParentsAware, an organization dedicated to helping parents talk to their children and teens about pornography and healthy sexuality. For complete show notes, visit

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