Diversity in Aesthetics: Starting the Conversation

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In this week’s episode, AmSpa CEO, Alex R. Thiersch, JD, is joined by Shannon King, BSN, RN, and Christal Parker, MSN, FNP-C. Alex, Shannon and Christal engage in an overdue discussion of diversity in aesthetics, covering topics that include:

  • Shannon and Christal’s individual journeys into aesthetics;
  • The barriers to entry and growth that exist in the industry;
  • How issues of gender, race, sexuality and ethnicity all intersect and impact diversity in aesthetics;
  • Why representation and education matter, not just for patients but also for providers;
  • How client experience is negatively impacted by a lack of diversity in marketing;
  • Tolerance vs. acceptance;
  • How additional conversations on the importance of diversity can be initiated and fostered;
  • And much, much more!

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