From Small-market Medical Spa to Acquisition to Expansion

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This week, Melissa Rogne talks about starting her single-location medical spa in Fargo, North Dakota, building it into an 11,000 square-foot, multi-million-dollar practice, and selling to a private equity group to become president of a new multi-state brand. She talks about:

  • How she built huge volume in a small market by creating demand in her community;
  • The importance of understanding what resonates in your market;
  • The marketing strategies that worked best as she grew her practice;
  • Her keys to rapid growth;
  • Her approach when deciding to sell;
  • Being contacted by private equity representatives at Medical Spa Show 2020;
  • The process of the purchase of her practice; and
  • Her plans moving forward as part of a new, multi-practice brand.

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