Shadow transforming Libra New Moon guided meditation - 6 of October 2021

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Transforming shadows to light together with a Libra New Moon in today’s Igniting Meditation Ouawh is the best way to describe the feeling I had after connecting with the energy in today’s New Moon in Libra. As we are shining a loving light on shadows in our life and ourselves, that we might have pushed to the sight, we see that they are beautiful parts of us. Parts helping us bring joy and balance into our life. The energy is warm, loving and accepting, making it easy to bring light to the shadows and ourselves. It’s as if we are going on a treasure hunt in ourselves, transforming shadows to light. I hope you will enjoy the igniting meditation and remember the energy is here no matter when in time you listen to it or how often. Thank you for connecting and being part of spreading it further. New Moon Magic Maria P.s. If you like to join my live meditations, go to my Facebook group Pure Heart Studio / Music by Moby LA10 MARIA RINNÉ – ACTIVATE AND IGNITE YOUR HEART – Energy Coach Good vibes donation - Meditation Jam with Maria Rinné – Podcast If you would like to contribute to my work whilst you dig deeper into your own energy, please go to

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