Dr. Rosemarie Allen on Cultivating Community Connections - Zarrow Mental Health Symposium Session

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"And I think - going back to the community and finding out what their needs are - you just mentioned cultural humility and I'd like to define cultural humility as the practice of not knowing because we're professionals and we know a lot of things and rarely do we focus on what we don't know. But we have to engage in this quest for learning more about the communities that we serve because we get caught up in our own biases."

On today’s episode, we’re excited to be in conversation with Dr. Rosemarie Allen. Dr. Allen will be a keynote at this year’s virtual Zarrow Mental Health Symposium. Dr. Rosemarie Allen has been a leader in early childhood education for nearly 40 years and her life’s work has focused on ensuring children have access to high quality early childhood programs that are developmentally and culturally appropriate. As a national expert on implicit bias and culturally responsive practices, Rosemarie has been a respected voice on equitable youth and family-focused community support and response throughout the pandemic.

The theme for this year’s Symposium is Cultivating Community Connections and is coming up September 29 - October 1. You can register to attend the event at www.zarrowsymposium.org

We’d like to thank two of our Sponsors - Ascension St. John and the Public Health Institute of Oklahoma - for their generous support of this year’s Symposium.

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