Mental Health Treatment for People with Visual Challenges with Jenna Adair and Jedediah Bragg

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"Don't take it personally when people don't make things accessible for you. It's not that they're trying to do it with any menace. It's just that people don't understand. And, unfortunately, even though it's tiring and it's exhausting, you do have to educate. And, hopefully, by educating, we can make the world a more accessible and better place for everyone." -- Jenna Adair, MHAOK student intern who is legally blind

On today’s episode, we’ll be talking with Jenna Adair and Dr. Jedediah Bragg about helping people with visual impairments connect to mental health treatment services.


  1. Creating accessible forms
  2. Blindness info/phone list/resources
  3. Oklahoma resource for blind
  4. document converter
  5. Small business documents that provide guidance
  6. Guidelines for making accessible documents
  7. Service to ensure accessibility of docs.

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