Self-Injurious Thoughts & Behaviors in Youth: A Conversation with Expert Dr. Mindy Westlund Schreiner

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In this episode, Brandy Vega sits down with expert Dr. Mindy Westlund Schreiner, PhD, to discuss Self Injurious Thoughts & Behaviors (SITBs), particularly in youth. They discuss the latest in research, treatment, tips for coping, and tips for helping loved ones.
Dr. Mindy Westlund Schreiner is a licensed clinical psychologist at Huntsman Mental Health Institute, an Instructor (Clinical) at the University of Utah, a member of the MEND2 research lab, and a researcher for SafeUT mental health app. Dr. Mindy Westlund Schreiner was also recently named a 2021 Young Investigator by the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. Both her research and clinical interests are in the area of mood disorders with a specific focus on self-injurious thoughts and behaviors in youth. Her research incorporates neuroimaging approaches with intervention strategies to understand mechanisms of change associated with SITBs. The aim of this work is to improve clinical outcomes in youth.
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If you or someone you love is having a mental health crisis, please call the Crisis Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK(8255), or 988 starting July 16, 2022

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