Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) Episode #179

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Sup #MetalTavernHorde, welcome to episode #179!

This week Neko and I dive into the latest news regarding former President #DonaldTrump and the raid that took place at his home. The ongoing debate in America is whether he was selling classified secrets to other nations OR is this just a political stunt to erase him from running in 2024 for a second term?

We also cover the recent passings of both #AnneHeche and #Olivia-Newton John as one actress was involved in a fiery auto crash but appeared to be under the influence of drugs. The other actress/singer passed away from cancer but will always be remembered for starring in the most famous musical ever #Grease. Neko and I take some time discussing both and remembering their legacy.

And finally, we give our review of #Prey the latest movie in the Predator franchise that goes back to basics as a prequel to the #Schwarzenegger 1987 hit. While critics are raving about the film for its cast choices have the audiences bought all in? Recent numbers have started to show a drop in how they feel it compares to other films in the series. Tune in as Neko and I become brutally honest in our opinions about this film and where we place it in our ranking list of the #Predator franchise. Some people may be disappointed in what they hear.

Special thanks to Qabar PR, Against PR, Metal Devastation Promotions, Grand Sounds Promotion, The Metallist PR, and Scarlet Records for selected tracks this week.

Bloodbath- Mutilation (Death Cover) DJ Anubis- Intro Antigama- Holy Hand Remains- Intercorpse Swim or Drown- Short Fuse Hydra- Blasphemous Flutes Necro Weasel- Forced to Isolate Absolute Darkness- Mob Rule The Atrophic- Vessels for the Oligarchs The Human Race is Filth- Nations Pipe Bomb Guttural Disease- A Flesh, Bones, and a Mind Onyria- Denial The Voo- Starfish Stiletto Band of Spice- Demonized Lucid Grave- Old Spirit Pissectomy- Electric Elephant Graveyard Hellz Abyss- Kill the Real Girls Behold! The Monolith- Spirit Taker Dethlkok- Morte Lumina Sidewalk Mafia- This Frozen Paradise Belphegor- The Devils Krisiun- Serpent Messiah Diseased Earth- New Jack Cocaine Binge Overhate- Our Problem Warhead- Speedway Mantic Ritual- Crusader

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