Metal Up Your Fash EPISODE 116 The little Labels

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This week, we're looking into all of the smaller labels that put out good stuff without that big Century Media budget, you dig? From Basick, we played Skyharbor. From Dark Descent, we played Horrendous. From Archaic Sound, we played Morte France and Nagant Neckshot. From The Artisan Era, we played Warforged, Flub, and Arkaik. From Nuclear War Now, we played Sacriphyx. From I, Void Hanger, we played Cosmic Putrefaction and Creature. From Transcending Obscurity, we played Monument of Misanthropy, The Scalar Process, and Vorga. From Werewolf, we played Goatmoon. From Temple of Torturous, we played Owl and Eternal Deformity. From Bitter Loss, we played Battlecrave. From Stellar Winter, we played Temnozor. From Me Saco un Ojo, we played Fleshrot. From Sherow Artist Society, we played Matenrou Opera. From Year of the Sun, we played Nami and Glasgow Grin. From Maple Metal, we played Your Last Wish and Korpius. From Necropolis, we played Dawn. From Listenable Insanity, we played Inhuman Condition. From Hydra Head, we played Discordance Axis. From Vault of Dried Bones, we played Azothyst.

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