ML167: Neer Sharma on Navigating Career Change, Using Patents to Predict the Future and Experimenting with NFTs

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Neer Sharma is the founder of Patent Drop, a newsletter that gives you a peek into the future by summarising new patents from big tech companies.He previously co-founded HaikuJAM - a mobile game that helps people feel better through collaborative writing, helping grow the community to over 1 million users.In this episode we discuss: - How to navigate a career change without having the next thing lined up - What the latest patents coming out of big tech tell us about the future of online interaction - Neer’s experiments with NFTs (non fungible tokens) and what the technology means for creatorsThis conversation will give you access to the mindset and strategies of someone who’s created a completely new career for himself by running experiments online as well as some great insights into the weird and wonderful virtual world that’s being built online.

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