ML168: Kevin Kelly on The Rise of Asia, The Art of Photography and Lessons from 40 Years of Travel

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Kevin Kelly is the co-founder and editor at Wired magazine, and one of the world’s leading technologists. He’s the author of What Technology Wants and The Inevitable and has recently launched Vanishing Asia, a photo-book documenting 40 years of Kevin’s travels in Asia.

In this episode we discuss:

- Kevin’s lessons about photography, the world and himself from 40 years of travel in Asia - What the rise of Asia and accelerating global convergence means for you and the world- How to succeed in the industry of ideas and the current state of intellectual property

This was a wide ranging conversation that will offer you powerful insights about travel, technology and where the world is going. Most importantly, you’ll get a fresh perspective on how to discover your own unique attributes so you can future proof yourself and live a good life.

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