E:23 Alzheimer’s Disease – Nutrients That Help

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Michael and Steve share more risk factors for Alzheimer’s/dementia and give practical tips on how to slow or stop the disease by changing your lifestyle with “baby steps”.

Did you know that being female is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s? So is head trauma, and social isolation where there’s little interaction with others or mental stimulation. Aluminum cookware and antiperspirants containing aluminum are also risks.

So how can we slow or prevent Alzheimer’s?

  • Participate in a healthy social life
  • Get enough important nutrients, such as Gingko Biloba and Gotu Kola
  • Eliminate or reduce fatty foods, fried foods, and dairy products
  • Eliminate or reduce the use of aluminum cookware
  • Change to non-aluminum personal care items
  • Get enough physical exercise, including outdoor activities
  • Participate in mentally stimulating games and activities

Finally, never assume others have all the answers for your life and health. (Michael drives this point home with a startling account of what researchers discovered after various doctor strikes at hospitals around the world.)

Be proactive and do your research. Most importantly, listen to your own intuition.

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