E:10 Listener Email – Causes of Cancer

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Michael and Steve respond to listener email, essentially asking “How do you know what causes cancer when my doctor does not?”

Great question! Michael and Steve reveal their source materials, including the Merck Manual (considered the doctor’s “Bible”) where it spells out the known causes of cancer.

Learn how cancer develops cell by cell, how it spreads and why it grows. This is the foundational understanding everyone needs to have about the process of cancer growth.

More questions answered:

  • Are we predisposed to cancer?
  • What sets the body up for disease?
  • How do our lifestyles set the stage for developing cancer?
  • How do our minds play a role in this?
  • What about positive thinking?
  • How do you overcome negative thoughts?

Last, but not least, discover a relaxation technique for using the mind in a healing mode. (Bonus Content: Michael’s full Healing Relaxation audio session is available for free here.)

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