E:7 Poor Circulation & Clogged Arteries

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Experience better health through better understanding.

  • What are the signs of clogged arteries? What are the other possibilities of each sign and symptom? Knowing the other possibilities of each symptom helps eliminate confusion of the real cause.
  • How can cayenne pepper help those having a heart attack? You’ll want to keep it in the medicine cabinet and around the house after hearing these applications.
  • If a person knows that they have high cholesterol and clogged arteries, what can they do to help themselves improve blood flow? Diet and exercise! Even the simplest exercises can dissolve cholesterol and improve circulation. And that’s not all! Exercise can also help prevent senility, dementia, and can eliminate the opportunity for cancer to take root. Find out how.
  • What nutrients help open the arteries and dissolve cholesterol and fat? Discover two different approaches to taking everything you may want in terms of daily vitamins, minerals, and herbs.
  • How does hardening of the arteries happen and how can they be restored to natural pliability?
  • How are blood clots formed, and how can you prevent them with one specific vitamin and one specific herb?
  • Why is cholesterol essential?

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