E:5 The Great ”Why?”

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How does changing your mind change your life and your reality?

What about the question "Why?" "Why" is one of the best words in our language, along with the word "understanding". When you question the "why" about anything, it can lead you to better choices in terms of your health and your approach to your lifestyle.

How do people attract what they need and how do they avoid getting their needs met? How is a personal reality created?

How do you avoid “falling off the wagon” once you make a commitment to yourself? Sometimes it’s difficult to follow through, but you can succeed.

What's the value of prayer and how can you use the mind to get what you want?

“Let go and let God.” What are the results of the choice of letting go and how does it affect the spiritual self and the physical self?

How and why do infections occur? One aspect is the protective covering of the body, the skin, which has an “acid mantle.”

How do you set yourself up for problems, whether it’s a diet, or an accident, etc.?

Remember that change comes from within.

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