From Riches to Robberies: The Story of Steve Carroll

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Some men have it all. Wealth, success, love, respect, etc. Some men have it all plus more that they keep hidden away from others. This was the case with Steve Carroll. Steve was living the high life and he made sure that everyone lived it with him. He made sure his wife never had to work again. He flew his friends all over the world and gave them a taste of what it was like to live the lifestyle of the rich & famous. By all accounts, to anyone who knew him, Steve was living the perfect life. Steve had his secrets and demons, though, and as soon as they came to light, his whole world came crashing down. A secret family, a gambling addiction, and a habit of finding his way out of jobs that most would kill for; this is the story of how Steve Carroll went from having it all to losing everything and desperately just trying to hold onto a slice of the lifestyle he had become so accustomed to.

Credit for this story goes to Jeff Gottlieb's article on Medium: "Death of a (Really Good) Salesman"

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