2019: Disruptors of Other Industries

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This is the recording of the 2019 panel, "Disruptors of Other Industries" featuring moderator Ammar Sabban (mstdfr), and panelists Sebastian Bond (Kitab Sawti), Molham Krayem (Kraytiv), and Osama Natto (Natto Innovation Labs).

The Middle East Podcast Forum is an ecosystem of podcasters across the Middle East. This year’s annual forum was cohosted by mstdfr, Kerning Cultures, and Art Jameel in October 2019. Here are the panel recordings, produced by Lucas Skrobat (Anchored Strategy) and Saud Albadeea. For more information, to subscribe to the monthly newsletter, or to get involved in our next Forum: https://mepodcastforum.com/.

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