Episode 97: Dragon Skin / Seven Wherewithal Way / Karen Foxlee Interview / Samantha-Ellen Bound interview

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Today on Middle Grade Mavens, Pamela reviews, "Dragon Skin," by Karen Foxlee, and Julie reviews, "Seven Wherewithal Way," by Samantha-Ellen Bound. Plus Karen and Sam both stop by in for an interview. About: Dragon Skin: How to save a dragon: 1)Assemble equipment. Water, Weet-Bix, sugar, syringe, sticky tape, scissors. 2)Believe in everything. Pip never wants to go home. She likes to sit at the waterhole at dusk and remember Mika, her best friend. At home her mother's not the same since her boyfriend moved in. They don't laugh anymore and Pip has to go to bed early, turn off her light and pretend she doesn't exist. When she finds a half-dead creature at the waterhole, everything changes. She knows she has to save this small dragon and return it to where it comes from. But how? About: Seven Wherewithal Way: Ferdinand fell out of the sky on the hottest day of the year, while Celeste and Esmerelda Barden were on the front porch eating ice-cream. Celeste is having the worst summer ever. Her parents are off on an adventure and she's stuck at Gran's house with her annoying little sister, Esme, and strict instructions to be responsible. Or, as Esme says, boring. So when their eccentric cousin Ferd crash-lands a flying bus in the yard, what choice does Celeste have but to follow Ferd back home to Seven Wherewithal Way? Wherewithal - Ferd's house, and the gateway to the many Realms unreachable from Earth - is bursting with magic and mystery and otherworldly creatures. It's Celeste's favourite place in any world. But when something tries to break in through the portal in the pantry - the door to the mystical Realm of Forests - Celeste learns that both Wherewithal and her beloved cousin are under threat. If Celeste wants to save her cousin, their home, its inhabitants and possibly even all the Realms, she is going to have to find her adventurous side. Fast. Where to buy: Seven Wherewithal Way, Bk 1 by Samantha-Ellen Bound | 9781922419224 | Booktopia Dragon Skin by Karen Foxlee | 9781760526108 | Booktopia To learn more about the Mavens, head on over to https://www.middlegradepodcast.com Or to find Julie online drop by https://www.julieannegrassobooks.com And for Pamela online find her at https://www.ueckerman.net Have a question or comment? Email us at mavens@middlegradepodcast.com To learn what books are in the pipeline, follow us on Instagram Middle Grade Mavens (@middle_grade_mavens_podcast) • Instagram photos and videos --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/middlegrademavens/message

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