4th MGN Clip Show 2021 PART TWO

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It’s the fourth mega-sized Middle Grade Ninja clips show, featuring snippets from episodes 101 through 146 that aired in 2021. This episode is so stuffed with incredible content it had to be broken up into TWO PARTS Don't miss PART ONE. New episodes are scheduled to return January 8th. Until then, enjoy this compilation of clips from conversations with AUTHORS Christina Li, Caroline Gertler, Rucker Moses, Theo Gangi, Donna Galanti, Mike Johnston, Lisa Fipps, Nick Goss, Esabella Strickland, Carrie Seim, Dorothy A. Winsor, Carole Boston Weatherford, Kyle Lukoff, Luke Cunningham, David LaRochelle, Mike Wohnoutka, Alane Adams, Susan McCormick, Robert Beatty, Payal Doshi, Jasmine Warga, Erin Entrada Kelly, Ali Standish, Nicole Kornher-Stace, Melissa Hope, Alyson Gerber, Kathleen Burkinshaw, John David Anderson, Chris Negron, Sara Pennypacker, Jessica Vitalis, Rajani LaRocca, Katherine Paterson, Gayle Forman, Sarah J. Schmitt, Diana Rodriguez Wallach, Ross Carley, Karen Phillips, Mary Ann Koontz, Elizabeth A. San Miguel, Diana Catt, Tony Perona, Elizabeth Perona, David Neilsen, Michelle Jabès Corpora, Samantha M. Clark, Alda P. Dobbs, Aura Lewis, Emily Barth Isler, and Seanan McGuire, LITERARY AGENTS Saba Sulaiman, Holly McGhee, Mary C. Moore, Marie Lamba, and Becky LeJune, EDITORS Sara-Jayne Slack, Sailaja N. Joshi, Amy Maranville, and Leila Sales. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/middle-grade-ninja/support

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