We Take A Stroll Down Mulholland Dr.

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We flashback to 2001 to watch the David Lynch mind-fuck, Mulholland Dr. The film was nominated for Best Director, but this podcast can’t find a lot to praise from 2/3 of the party. Zac is on watch number 3, Ben and Lauren are new to the film, and they spend a lot of time trying to wrap their heads around the film and their feelings. Are the actors bad, are they the best performances ever given, what the hell was that dude doing behind the restaurant. We might not have answers, but we certainly have thoughts. Download. Listen. Enjoy. The Categories: (Time:Stamp) 8 Words or Less, The Elevator Pitch, Why So & So, General Thoughts, Star Ratings (1:00) You Gotta See This, Let’s Talk About That Ending..., Performance Piece (25:00) Repeat After Me, But, Why?, The Hot Take Theater, Expert Opinions (32:40) The Upgradeables, To Infinity & Beyond?, Bonus Rounds/Catch All, One Last Pitch... (37:20) @middleofrow #nothe

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