151. Esports in Kentucky: Heath Price on Bringing Esports to The University of Kentucky

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Heath Price is the Associate CIO in ITS at the University of Kentucky and has played a huge role in bringing an Esports program to UK's newest facility, "The Cornerstone". Heath has grown up at the intersection of relationships and technology, having spent over 10-years at two flagship research universities - LSU and the University of Kentucky (UK). Additionally, he had the opportunity to work in the private sector as a partner and ally to many higher education institutions across the United States. He currently leads a cross-functional campus team at UK that is charged with building a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to the development of a future-minded approach to engaging gaming and Esports through the University environment. We discuss how the Esports program came about, the role the university will play in having Esports on campus, and the future of the Esports industry as a whole.

Learn more about the program at Esports.uky.edu

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